What we need to do and why this is important

Develop a stand-alone HSB Policy and supporting guidelines

Best practice recommends a stand-alone policy for HSB. A stand-alone policy signifies the importance of this area and untangles HSB with other behavioural misconduct, as well as notes the unique nature and sensitivity of HSB, which may require different responses and procedures. 

Status: in progress

Survivor-led and do no harm principles

Key to any policy enhancements in this area is the need for the University to adopt a survivor-led approach and a principle to do no harm. This means that we are guided by the wishes of the person making the report or complaint, and that our processes and supports ensure that no further harm is caused to a person making a report. 

Status: in progress

Develop guidelines for staff and student relationships

Staff and student relationships is briefly covered in the Conflict of Interest Policy. Intimate relationships between staff and students is not just a conflict of interest matter, there is imbalance of power and potential for harm and manipulation to occur. The guidelines would serve to inform both students and students, rather than seek to prevent consensual relationships.

Status: in progress

Review the Statute for student discipline and associated committee processes

Student Discipline Committee is the peak body for considering sanctions against students who infringe the statues, regulations, rules and policies of the University. The Committee hears cases relating to academic and non-academic matters, including HSB cases. Students have expressed the view that they don’t believe sensitive non-academic cases, such as HSB, should be referred to the Student Discipline Committee. 

Status: in progress

Review other policies and guidelines to ensure alignment with changes in policy

The introduction of new policies or changes to existing policies (e.g. the Addressing Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination policy) may require other policies and guidelines to be updated.

Status: no update

Please email all feedback and suggestions to wellbeing@auckland.ac.nz