Terminology and resourcing

What we need to do and why this is important

Define terminology and use consistently in all documentation and communications

There are many terms used in this area (e.g. sexual violence, sexual misconduct, sexual harm, sexual harassment, gendered violence). The University needs to decide what terms it will use and use these consistently across all mediums, including Family Violence information and resources. 

Status: no update

Assign a staff member to implement and coordinate the student-related actions in the HSB Action Plan

There are many areas contributing to the success of this plan, and this needs to be managed by a single point to ensure actions are aligned, implemented, and reported on.  The staff member will be based in Campus Life, but will work closely with Human Resources, PVCs Equity, Māori and Pasifika, and Communications and Marketing.

Status: complete

Develop a case for additional funding if required to deliver the Action Plan

Some of the actions in this plan don’t require direct funding and can be distributed across existing areas and budgets. However, some actions in the plan may not be implemented without new funding.

Status: no update

Please email all feedback and suggestions to wellbeing@auckland.ac.nz