Understanding how you learn

Knowing how you learn best will help you plan and study for assignments and exams.

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Tertiary study is largely self-directed, which means you need to work out for yourself how you plan and study. Are you a visual learner or someone who prefers aural cues? Do you prefer exercises, or reading and writing as a way to learn? Understanding the style of learning that suits you best will help you prepare for academic life at university.

Find your style

The idea that people have a learning style grew in popularity in the 1970s.  Some theories classify people as visual, auditory or tactile learners, and others look at an individual’s cognitive approach.

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What kind of a learner are you? 

Take note

If taking notes during a class is new to you, try out some different approaches to see what works best. There is a range of useful apps out there now that can assist you with the note-taking the process.

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Available assistance

There are plenty of online resources available to help students on their studying journey. Libraries and Learning Services offer a range of guides designed to help you with getting the most out of your lectures, using time management tools, and implementing strategies to make you a faster and more effective reader.

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CALM - Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind

This site is provided by the University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. You can listen to podcasts on practical techniques for managing stress.

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