Additional rank score information for school-leaver applicants

For applicants who have completed their high school studies in New Zealand.

Based on your current results, the Rank Score Calculator is a useful tool to get a feel for what your rank score could be.

Listed below are some common questions you may have about your rank score and your use of the rank score calculator.

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Before using the Rank Score Calculator

What do I need to start using the Rank Score Calculator?

You will need to refer to your NCEA Record of Achievement or Cambridge International Results Notice when entering your results into the Rank Score Calculator.

If you have not yet received your results, you will need one of the following

  • A list of your NCEA Level 3 standards (including the standard code and standard title).
  • A list of your Cambridge International A or AS Level subjects. 

To get started, acces the Rank Score Calculator.

Why can’t I enter my IB results into the Rank Score Calculator?

Unlike NCEA and Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International), International Baccalaureate scores translate directly to what your rank score would be. So, there is no need for you to use the Rank Score Calculator as a student who studies IB. 

For more information on rank scores for IB studies, please visit International Baccalaureate (IB).

Can I combine my NCEA and CIE studies for my rank score?*

No. When it comes to calculating your rank score for entry, we can only use one of your qualifications to calculate your total rank score. 

*Or any other combination of secondary qualifications

During your use of the Rank Score Calculator

Can you give me an example of how my rank score might be calculated?

An sample for NCEA and Cambridge International results are provided below. As students completing IB do not need to use the Ranks Score Calculator, an IB sample if not provided.

Example of NCEA Level 3 Results

Subject Standard Type Results Calculate Total points
English Achievement

6 Excellence

6 Merit

16 Achieved*

6 x 4 points

6 x 3 points

12 x 2 points*

History Achievement

8 Excellence

10 Achieved

8 x 4 points

10 x 2 points

Physics Achievement 24 Merit 24 x 3 points 72
Calculus Achievement

4 Excellence

3 Merit

8 Achieved**

4 x 4 points

3 x 3 points

Statistics Achievement

7 Merit

10 Achieved**

7 x 3 points 21
Economics Achievement 6 Achieved*** Not counted*** Nil
Rank score       236

*Maximum 24 credits per subject. Any points above this limit are excluded.

**Not included as only the best 80 credits are used in the calculation of your rank score.

***Only five subjects are included in the calculation.

Example of Cambridge International results

Please note that Cambridge International Rank Scores are calculated according to

  • Your New Zealand Cambridge International score total
  • Accumulated over a maximum of six subject units in subjects at AS or A Level
  • Points from subjects that contribute to University Entrance (Thinking Skills and the General Paper are excluded)

If you have completed more than six subject units, the rank score will look at the best six subject units at A or AS Level. 

Syllabus Level Subject units Grade Tariff points Total points
Chemistry A 2 B 100 100
Mathematics A 2 B 100 100
Physics AS 1 B 50 50
English AS 1 B 50 50
Biology AS 1 D 30 Nil*
Rank Score         290

*Maximum six subject units. If more are achieved, the best six scores are used.

After using the Rank Score Calculator

Does the Rank Score Calculator save results that enter and can access them again?

Yes, your results can be saved. To save your results, make you click on the login & save button after you enter your standards the first-time round.

Each time you enter results please ensure you click the login & save button so you can continue to access these results in the future.

If you have already registered with the University in the past, please make sure you use the same login details (i.e., the email address you used to register with and the password you created) to prevent duplication problems down the track.

If you do not remember the email address you used when you first registered, or you do not remember your password, please visit Change or reset your password.

Why is my official rank score different from the estimate I received using the Rank score Calculator?

The calculator is intended to provide you with an indication only and does not form part of an application for admission to the University of Auckland. 

All applications are subject to the University's normal admission criteria and processes.

You will need to make sure what you have entered matches your standards achieved as they appear on your Record of Achievement. 

Why are some of the Cambridge International results in my rank score calculation greyed out?

Results which have been greyed out are not included in the rank score calculation. 

This could be due to

  • Your result(s) being outside of the maximum number of subjects included 
  • The subject your result(s) comes from may not contribute to University Entrance

For information about what subjects contribute towards University Entrance, please speak to your school.

Why are some of the NCEA results in my rank score calculation greyed out?

Results which have been greyed out are not included in the rank score calculation. 

This could be due to

  • Your result(s) being outside of the maximum number of standards included
  • The standard your result(s) come from may not be part of an approved subject

A list of approved subjects is available on the NZQA website. Please see Approved subjects for University Entrance.

Why does the Rank Score Calculator not assign points to some of my standards and subjects?

All subjects and standards entered will show in the NCEA Rank Score Calculator regardless of whether they contribute to the rank score or not.It is also important to note that if you received 'Not Achieved' for the standard, you will not receive points for it in the calculation as it carries no credit.