International Baccalaureate (IB)

For entry based on a New Zealand secondary school qualification you must first meet the University Entrance (UE) standard — UE is the minimum standard needed to enrol at a New Zealand university.

You must also meet the entry requirements for the programme you wish to study. This will be expressed as a ‘rank score’, which we calculate based on your IB score. Some programmes may also require you to have taken specific subjects.

University Entrance standard for admission in 2018

You must have been awarded the full IB Diploma, for which you must achieve a minimum of 24 points.  

An IB Diploma completed with English as Language A1 at either Higher or Standard Level, and including any mathematics subject, satisfies the literacy and numeracy requirements for University Entrance.

Please note: the University will also accept English Language B at Higher Level, with a minimum grade of 5, as satisfying the Literacy requirement for UE.

Programme entry requirements for 2018

You must meet the admission requirements for your programme(s) of study.

In addition to achieving university entrance, some of our undergraduate programmes require you to have taken specific subjects and gained minimum credits in certain subjects. Some programmes have other requirements such as a portfolio, audition and/or interview. See the guaranteed entry requirements for your intended programme(s).

How your IB rank score is calculated

Your rank score is the same as your IB score. For example, if you achieve 27 points for IB, your rank score will be 27 points. The maximum rank score is 45.

IB rank scores required for entry for 2018

These are the undergraduate programme rank score requirements for school leavers who have achieved University Entrance. Additional requirements apply and where noted against specific programmes. Please visit the specific programme page for full details.

If you achieve the University Entrance standard, but your rank score is not high enough to guarantee selection, your application will be considered, provided places remain available.

Alternative options are available if you do not meet programme entry requirements.

For conjoint programmes, applicants must achieve the greater of the two rank scores for their selected programmes and must meet the entry requirements for both programmes. Not all degree programmes have conjoint options.

Rank score required Programmes available

Other programmes

Programme Requirement
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Part I Students must be offered a place in another bachelors degree. Students who gain entry to Law Part II can be admitted to the conjoint degree at that stage even if they were not in a conjoint previously.
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) Applicants must first complete Year 1 of either the BHSc or the BSc in Biomedical Science, or have completed another degree approved by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Applicants must complete an appropriate first year programme including the prescribed BPharm Part I courses (or equivalent), or have completed another degree approved by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom) Applicants must first complete the set courses from the common year of the BSc in Biomedical Science (or equivalent), or have completed another degree approved by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.


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