Support for scholarship students

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from the University of Auckland. We wish you the best with your studies!

University can be a daunting experience at times, and all students need help and guidance at some point.  The information contained on this page will give you a starting point on what support is available at the University of Auckland.

Scholarship payments

In most cases, scholarship payments will commence from the third week week of Semester, after enrolment has closed and eligibility can be confirmed.

Scholarship payments are made to you for the express purpose of directly supporting your study and are tax-free only under this condition. You may use your scholarship payments for items such as tuition fees, accommodation, books for study, travel to and from university, equipment required for study (including laptops and similar devices). If you are in doubt about what you can use your payment for, please ask. Any expenditure on items not related to your study might breach the conditions of your scholarship, resulting in the cancellation and repayment of your scholarship.

If your scholarship includes accomodation fees, the Scholarships Office will pay directly to Accomodation Services by the accomodation fees deadline, including the advance payment.  If you do not meet the grade point average (GPA) requirement after your first semester, your accomodation payment may be suspended and you will be liable to cover the cost of your second semester accomodation fees.

If your scholarship is paid by instalment in multiple semesters, this will be direct credited to your nominated bank account. If you do not meet the GPA requirement in each semester, the remaining instalments may not be paid.  If you need to change your bank account number, please contact the Scholarships Office before the third week of semester.

Keeping your scholarship

  • If you are awarded any additional scholarships, you must contact the Scholarships Office and request co-tenure with your current scholarship. Co-tenure may be allowed subject to the regulations of both scholarships and approval from the University of Auckland Council.
  • You must be enrolled in an eligble programme in order to receive payment
  • Deferal of your scholarship will only be considered where there are compelling medical or personal circumstances. You must contact the Manager of the Scholarships Office in writing for approval at

GPA calculation

Your GPA will be assessed at the end of each semester to confirm your eligibility to continue to hold your scholarship. 

We assess your GPA by calculating the average of the final grades across all of your courses. Your final grade for each course is determined by the combination of your internal assessments (assignments, tests etc) and external assessment (end of semester examination).

You can see your GPA on your unofficial transcript available on Student Services Online calculated by individual semester and cumulative for your entire programme. See How do I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)? for more information.

If your academic performance was affected by health or unforseen difficulties, you will need to have applied for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration within seven calendar days of the exam. See Illness, injury or other personal misfortune affecting exams or Aegrotat or compassionate consideration for written tests for more information.

If you are a recipient of a University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship, a University of Auckland Māori Academic Excellence Scholarship, a University of Auckland Pacific Academic Excellence Scholarship or a University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship, the process for GPA assessment to retain your Scholarship is available in the downloadable PDF documents below.

Where can I go for help?

The related links above lists some of the key support services in place to assist you during your studies. Support is available for your learning, health, personal and community needs.

If you are experiencing any adverse circumstances, you need to inform the Scholarships Office so any impact on your scholarship can be determined.

Additional useful links