Undergraduate study in Civil Engineering

Learn about your undergraduate study options for Civil Engineering.

What can you study in Civil Engineering?

A specialisation in Civil Engineering offers you a combined emphasis on infrastructure and development and sustainable management. Our courses are designed to offer you a well-rounded education that prioritises tangible applications for technical knowledge in mathematics and science.

In this specialisation, you will learn key techniques, like how to calculate the maximum load a bridge can handle, and understand key transportation problems and design the infrastructure a modern city relies on. There’s also a substantial focus on sustainability concerns, such as how to balance environmental issues during a construction project and the proper planning of stormwater and waste management facilities. The main areas of study are:

  • Structures: We focus on the development of improved structural systems across a range of materials but with an overall emphasis on the performance of structures during seismic action.
  • Geomechanics: Here you will learn concepts and principles related to the mechanical behaviour of soil. Topics range from the phase relationships of soils to basic stability analysis.
  • Transportation Engineering: We have several specialised Transportation Engineering programmes that focus on developing a sound understanding of fundamental concepts, techniques and issues within the field of transportation.
  • Fluid Mechanics: You will gain a deeper understanding of a range of topics and concepts, including the hydrostatics and stability of floating bodies, fluid flow and energy and continuity relationships.
  • Construction Management: The construction industry is dynamic, complex and unpredictable. Studying Construction Management will help you learn the principles of effective project management in the this challenging industry.

All our BE(Hons) specialisations are accredited by Engineering NZ, so your qualification will be recognised in many countries.


All students take a similar set of courses throughout their first year of a BE(Hons). Find out more about the compulsory degree components.

You can get in-depth information about our undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering with the Faculty of Engineering Course Viewer.

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