Postgraduate study in Forensic Science

What can you study in Forensic Science?

Forensic Science covers a broad range of topics, from the statistical evaluation of glass evidence to the development of new molecules to aid in the visualisation of fingerprint residues. You will learn key skills in forensic searching and chemical and biological analysis.

Research interests open to exploration can include:

  • Environmental forensic science
    • Field science
    • Forensic biology
    • Illicit drugs
  • Physical evidence

Structuring your postgraduate programme in Forensic Science

For information about the Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Science, please see PGDipForensic.

Master of Science (MSc) in Forensic Science 120-point (one-year) research masters

Master of Science (MSc) in Forensic Science 240-point research masters

105 points from:

15 points from a 700-level course in a related subject:

120 points:


Explore the postgraduate courses you can take for a Forensic Science major:

Where can postgraduate study in Forensic Science take you?

Many of our students have gone on to become forensic scientists or technicians, while others have chosen related careers or decided to pursue further study.

Jobs related to Forensic Science

  • Document examiners
  • Fingerprint examiners
  • Forensic geologists
  • Forensic scientists or technicians with ESR
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Patent officers
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Quality assurance roles

Scholarships and awards

Each year we award scholarships and prizes to thousands of students.

Find out about the scholarships you may be eligible for, search available scholarships or begin an application by visiting Scholarships and awards.

Help and advice

For further information and advice, please contact the Science Student Centre

Science Student Centre
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Phone: +64 9 923 7020

To find a supervisor to work with you on your research project please see Forensic Science research or contact Dr Douglas Elliot.