Postgraduate study in Geophysics

Postgraduate study in Geophysics

What can you study in Geophysics?

You will take a mix of advanced courses in Geology, Mathematics and Physics and focus on applied/solid earth, atmospheric or marine geophysics.

Areas of research interests open to exploration include:

  • Climate dynamics and processes
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere
  • Seismic data analysis for basin exploration
  • Subsurface imaging and investigation, including with seismic and radar waves, potential field methods

Depending on your focus, specialised knowledge you can gain includes:

  • Developing subsurface geologic models
  • Learning how to analyse and optimise geophysical data for sub-surface investigation
  • Learning how to model and predict climate systems and changes
  • Learning techniques to mathematically explain the characteristics of geophysical fluid flow

Entry requirements for postgraduate study in Geophysics


Prior to applying to the BSc(Hons) or PGDipSci in Geophysics you are required to have completed at least 90 points at Stage III core courses in your undergraduate degree and

30 points from:

15 points from:

Structuring your postgraduate programme in Geophysics


Explore the postgraduate courses you can take for an Geophysics major:

Where can postgraduate study in Geophysics take you?

Postgraduate study in Geophysics prepares you for employment in areas that rely on a physics-based understanding of our environment.

Jobs related to Geophysics

  • Atmospheric scientist
  • Energy industry (hydrocarbon, geothermal)
  • Geohazard research
  • Ground water exploration, monitoring companies, consultancies
  • Meteorological service
  • Mineral exploration
  • Oceanographer
  • Research at Crown Institutes such as GNS or NIWA

Scholarships and awards

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Help and advice

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