Education and Social Work Pathway

The Education and Social Work Pathway is perfect if you're aiming to develop skills and build knowledge of Aotearoa New Zealand’s education system and society – or if you wish to pursue sport, health and physical education.

The Education and Social Work Pathway is offered at both City Campus and Te Papa Ako o Tai Tonga (South Auckland Campus). Tai Tonga offerings are limited. See the course lists below for details.

Once you’ve completed your TFC, you’ll be able to apply for entry to the:

  • Bachelor of Education (Teaching)
  • Bachelor of Social Justice Studies
  • Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education

This pathway will also give you entrance to a Bachelor of Arts and other degree programmes, depending on the grades you attain.

Programme structure

All TFC programmes involve eight courses.

Requirements and options

You’ll complete courses from a variety of Education and Maths options. You must include:

  • TFCEDUC 14F An Introduction to the New Zealand Education System (Semester One)
  • TFCEDUC 13F Child Development and Learning (Semester Two)
  • TFCENG 91F Academic Literacy 1 (Semester One)
  • TFCENG 92F Academic Literacy 2 (Semester Two)
  • TFCMAORI 10F Te Pū**
  • A Maths course

** Māori is offered only at City Campus in Semester one; and only at Tai Tonga / South Auckland Campus in Semester Two.

The two additional courses, one in each semester, are yours to choose.

Choose your two additional courses from the following areas.

* Offered at both City Campus and Tai Tonga / South Auckland campus. (The other offerings are available City Campus only.)

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