Environmental Science


Environmental Science is the study of natural and managed environments, with an emphasis on the scientific approach to environmental problem-solving. Our central philosophy is a commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research that will better enable our society to manage our environment and resources. We are also dedicated to the need to protect and restore our natural heritage, to minimise our personal and collective ecological “footprints” and, where necessary, to remediate past environmental degradation.

Areas of study

At undergraduate level, Environmental Science focuses on environmental effects of human activity and is dedicated to protecting and restoring natural heritage, minimising human impact and restoring environmental degradation. Undergraduate courses are designed to add interdisciplinary skills to strengths in a particular scientific discipline.

You can study Environmental Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

By studying environmental science you will gain:

  • Scientific understanding of environmental problems
  • Competence in computer modelling of environmental problems
  • Knowledge of techniques used in policy and planning for sustainable development
  • Conservation project management techniques
  • Understanding of human interaction with environmental systems and processes

Career opportunities

Graduates have been employed in a very diverse range of careers such as: policy analysts for central government (such as MFE and MFish); scientific officers and resource planners in local and regional government, from Auckland Regional Council to Ruapehu District Council; environmental consultants; research scientists in Crown Research Institutes (such as NIWA, ESR and Landcare); scientific officers with non-government organisations (such as WWF-NZ and UNESCO); wildlife manager; health and safety professional; conservation officer (such as with DoC); pest manager, corporate environment manager; waste management analyst; environmental engineer.

More information

For more information see Environmental Science.