Develop your understanding of sustainability to make an informed and positive contribution to this significant social challenge.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

What is sustainability? You will learn more about what sustainability means, its underpinning values, and the role individuals and organisations play in creating solutions at the local and international level.

As part of the module, you will work in groups with other students to investigate and design a solution for a sustainability issue on campus.

How this module can be useful in your career

Sustainability is the issue of our times. Most organisations are engaged with sustainability as part of their day-to-day operations, while others focus on it as their business purpose. Many industries will increasingly be looking for sustainable solutions to local and global problems. 

You will be able to take your awareness into many different employment settings to make a contribution to these solutions and help drive positive change. If you want to work for an organisation that cares about the future of our planet, this module will be an asset.

The courses you can take

You must complete the three courses listed below (45 points). Each course is worth 15 points. Before you can enrol in a Stage II or III course you need to have passed the prerequisite course/s for enrolment in that course.

Sustainability and Us

The Sustainable Community

A Sustainable World

Learn more

Find out more about the Sustainability module with this short video.