About modules

A module is an optional grouping of three courses on a particular theme which enables you to add extra value to your Bachelor of Arts.

What are modules?

Modules are a new feature of the Bachelor of Arts from 2018.

Modules are optional. If you wish to, you may take one or two modules in addition to your two majors within the overall structure of the BA.

Modules are designed to complement the skills you will develop through your other studies. The skills you can expect to gain through BA study are outlined in our Graduate Profile.

The benefits of taking a module

By taking a module you can focus the study outside your majors on a specific, skills-based area.

This will enable you to add to your skill set for future employment, develop skills that you can use in the workplace, stand out from other graduates and enhance your career prospects. The content and skills offered by modules may help inform or benefit future potential career paths.

As modules are formally acknowledged on your academic record, you will be able to demonstrate your ability in a specific set of skills or areas of knowledge outside your majors.

How do I take a module?

To begin taking a module, all you need to do is enrol in your first course.

Before you graduate, you will need to contact the Arts Students' Centre to have your module formally added to your BA.

Modules available