About modules

A module is an optional grouping of three courses on a particular theme designed to complement the skills you will develop through your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Communication.

What are modules?

Modules are three courses grouped together around a particular theme. They are designed to add to your skill set for future employment and potentially benefit your future career path. 

For the BA, modules are optional, and you can take one or two of them. 

For the BC, modules are compulsory and all students will take one of them. 

The benefits of taking a module

  • Create a focused study path alongside your majors.
  • Gain capabilities in specific, skills-based areas outside your majors.
  • Stand out from other graduates and enhance
    your career prospects.
  • Have your module formally acknowledged on your academic record to demonstrate your additional knowledge and skills.

How do I take a module?

To begin taking a module, all you need to do is enrol in your first course.

You will also need to add the module to your plan. For instructions on how to change your plan online, including a video tutorial, visit Changing your plan using Self Service.

Modules available for BA students

Modules available for BC students