Language Teaching and Learning

Gain insights into language teaching and learning that will open up new perspectives and career possibilities in this dynamic field.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

The increasing diversity of New Zealand and the internationalisation of business, study and the workplace have led to more demand for knowledge of English and other modern languages.

This module combines learning an additional language, which is an essential experience for any prospective language teacher, with two introductory courses on how additional or foreign languages are taught and learned. You will therefore gain insights that may help you as both a language learner and teacher.

How this module can be useful in your career

There is a huge international market for language teachers, particularly of English, with study at many different levels offered by a wide range of providers. This module could help give you a start towards a language teaching qualification and career. By taking this module you will also demonstrate your openness to other cultures and perspectives.

The courses you can take

You must complete three of the courses listed below (45 points).

Each course is worth 15 points. Before you can enrol in a Stage II or Stage III course you need to have passed the prerequisite course/s for enrolment in that course.

Stage I

Introduction to Language Teaching

Stage II

Instructed Language Learning

A language acquisition course at any stage in Chinese, Cook Islands Māori, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Māori, Samoan, Spanish or Tongan.