Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Understand the process of identifying and creating opportunities for new approaches, products and enterprises to deliver creative solutions and meet user needs.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

Using an interdisciplinary approach, you'll explore how innovation and entrepreneurship can work alongside your other subjects to create new products, services, technologies and approaches. Working on your own and in teams, you'll learn to identify, investigate, design and present new social, product and enterprise solutions. You'll develop an understanding of user empathy and the role of Design Thinking skills in innovation and prototyping for customer feedback.

You’ll also learn to develop funding and business models, with a lens New Zealand’s Living Standards Framework and international best practice. In the final course, you’ll work together to identify a global scale opportunity and create a plan focused on how to make it happen.

How this module can be useful in your career

There are a growing number of positions for people with the capacity to develop and apply innovative solutions in corporates, government and new ventures, including community organisations, innovative small businesses and scalable new enterprises. You could pursue a career as a social entrepreneur, founder, enterprise marketer, business developer, or as part of an ‘innovation team’.

The courses you can take

You must complete the three courses listed below (45 points). Each course is worth 15 points. Before you can enrol in a Stage II or III course you need to have passed the prerequisite course/s for enrolment in that course.

Stage I course

INNOVATE 100G (100)
Innovation Through Design

Stage II course

Understanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Stage III course

Advanced Entrepreneurship