The property industry offers exciting careers for graduates and a Bachelor of Property degree enhances your chances of success in this profession in New Zealand and overseas. This wide-ranging programme incorporates communication, data and information analysis, marketing and research – all in the context of the property industry.

Areas of study

You can choose to focus your studies in a number of areas including: property valuation, property management, property development, property finance and investment, and Māori asset management.

You can study Property in the following programmes:

What you will learn

In the first year you will study two courses in Business introducing you to the types of choices facing entrepreneurs and managers and focusing on the development of professional skills. You will take a broad range of courses in core subjects including Accounting, Economics, Commercial Law and Information Systems. You will receive an introduction to property. In your second year and beyond you will take courses in valuation, marketing, management, finance, economics, law, land use planning and controls, and building constructions, and continue developing your knowledge of the major areas of property finance and investment, valuation, marketing, and management. These topics can be combined in applied property projects.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities include managing property portfolios for local and international corporations, managing commercial and industrial property, property development, property marketing and becoming a registered valuer.

More information

For more information see the Business School website: Why study Property?