Biological Sciences


Biology is a science concerned with the study of life. Its scope is extensive, covering the structure and function of living organisms, their relationships and evolutionary origins, and their interactions with each other and with the physical and chemical worlds around them.

Areas of study

Postgraduate courses reflect current research in the School of Biological Sciences which covers a wide range of disciplines from plant and microbial biotechnology, structural biology and biomedical science to marine biology, terrestrial ecology, biosecurity and evolution and behaviour.

You can study Biological Sciences in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The body of knowledge acquired as an undergraduate will be enhanced by a deeper understanding of past and current research in your area of study and the development of the skills necessary to critically assess information and communicate ideas and results to peers in the field. Thesis/dissertation work provides the opportunity to significantly extend the practical skills introduced in undergraduate courses.

Career opportunities

Trained biologists might find employment working for industry, government departments, Crown Research Institutes; and the private sector, in such areas as the biotechnology, food, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, conservation, plant protection and quarantine, biomedicine, biomedical research, marine biology and ecology, aquaculture and fisheries, parks, zoo and nursery management, education, and environmental resource management and planning.

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