Biomedical Science


Biomedical science encompasses those disciplines relevant to an understanding of the scientific basis of health and disease in humans and animals. This research-led field has experienced rapid growth over the past decade and is associated with a high level of public awareness and approval. The University of Auckland is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in this field, reflecting the high quality of the biomedical research carried out in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and at the School of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science.

Areas of study

Postgraduate research options reflect our strengths in cancer biology and therapeutics; cardiovascular biology; cellular and molecular biomedicine; genetics and development; microbiology and immunology; neurobiology; nutrition; and reproduction, growth and metabolism. Courses and research projects are offered at both the Grafton (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences) and City (Faculty of Science) campuses.

You can study Biomedical Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Graduates of the Biomedical Science programme will have an internationally accepted qualification, excellent research skills and the knowledge to work within some of the world's most rapidly advancing scientific fields.

Career opportunities

Biomedical science and biotechnology have revolutionised research over the past decade, stimulating growth in a wide range of industries including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, veterinary science and medical research. For students with the appropriate subsequent postgraduate training, there are a variety of opportunities in universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries. Private sector employment in the latter fields is particularly strong in the United States and Europe. Significant growth in this area is anticipated in New Zealand.