Wine Science


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Areas of study

Areas include winemaking in a New Zealand setting, the science behind grape production, the science behind winemaking, sensory evaluation and statistical methods, the business of wine production. Lecturers and researchers already working in wine-related fields are involved in teaching courses alongside wine science staff and leading New Zealand winemakers. The teaching programme has close associations with the newly established Wine Industry Research Institute of New Zealand. The programme also has strong links with leading international programmes of wine science research and aims to foster international scientific exchange and to offer opportunities for student exchanges.

You can study Wine Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Courses examine the science of grape production and winemaking, and analytical techniques in winemaking. You also have the opportunity to learn about the organisation and operation of wine businesses and the industry as a whole. You will be encouraged to pursue particular fields of interest by completing a research project in wine science and by enrolling in relevant specialised courses in associated departments.

Career opportunities

The international success of the New Zealand wine industry has created demands for highly trained and skilled participants and for locally focused scientific research of the highest standards.

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