A safe, inclusive and equitable University

Equity is about fairness and justice. We lead the University of Auckland's commitment to be a safe, inclusive and equitable place to study and work.

We support our students and staff through a variety of practical and pastoral ways, including through equity initiatives, resources, policies and programmes that are embedded across the University.

Race, age, gender, sexuality, disability or socio-economic background should not hinder anyone's success. 

How to report Harassment, Bullying, Sexual Assault and Other Violence

Harassment and bullying can threaten your sense of personal security or make you feel uneasy.

Harassment and abuse have no place at the University of Auckland. Find out how to get help and report incidents.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

Unacceptable discrimination, including racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia, has no place in our University...find out reporting processes.

Inclusive events and conferences

At the University of Auckland, it's important that our events are safe, inclusive and equitable and that equity should be considered at every facet of the event...find out more

Family Violence - It's Not OK project at the University

Family and relationship violence is abuse by someone close to us, such as a partner, family member or flatmate. Family and relationship violence can be experienced by anyone. We are committed to being safe, inclusive and equitable.

We affirm that family and relationship violence is unacceptable and that every person is entitled to respect, and to live free from fear and abuse...find out more

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Staff and students who may require assistance to evacuate during an emergency are requested to contact Health Safety and Wellbeing to discuss and develop personal emergency evacuation plans.

If you require assistance during an evacuation, learn how the University can assist you.