Campus Rules


These rules apply to all persons on the University campus.


To ensure that behaviour on campus is consistent with the good functioning and interests of the University and the safety of all persons by setting rules which apply generally across campus.


1. Every person on campus must comply with the laws of New Zealand, all University statutes, policies, standards, procedures and all other University rules and regulations.

Note: some University facilities and premises are governed by specific rules.

2. Every person in any class must behave in a manner consistent with a positive learning environment and comply with any rules governing the class

  • The person in charge of a class may exclude from that class and up to three subsequent classes any student who behaves in a disruptive manner or otherwise inconsistently with the rules governing the class

3. Every person must comply with all instructions conveyed by authorised notices displayed on campus.

4. No person may possess or bring any firearm (whether disabled or not) onto campus.

5. No person may possess or bring any other weapon or knife onto campus without reasonable excuse.

Example 1: in normal circumstances, a person using a taiaha (a traditional Maori weapon) as part of an authorised Maori cultural performance on campus would have a “reasonable excuse” for bringing that taiaha onto campus.

Example 2: in normal circumstances, a person bringing a small fruit knife onto campus for the sole purpose of peeling fruit would have a “reasonable excuse” for bringing that knife onto campus.

6. No person may be accompanied by a dog (other than a certified disability assist dog) or any other pet on campus, except as authorised by the Registrar.

7. Any person accompanied by a certified disability assist dog on campus must ensure that: (i) the dog wears a disability assist dog identification tag at all times; and (ii) the dog is kept on a leash except when inside University accommodation.

8. No person may bring or consume alcohol on campus, other than licenced premises, without the approval of the Registrar or nominated representative.

Note: the Registrar or nominated representative may grant approval for consumption of alcohol at an event in accordance with the provisions of the Event Management Policy relating to the service and supply of alcohol.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Campus includes all land and buildings occupied or controlled by the University and all University vessels, vehicles and other equipment.

Class includes any lecture, tutorial, field trip, seminar, laboratory, or similar classification (whether physical or online) of students at which tuition or instruction is being given and includes any lecture or address at which students are present or participate.

Rule means any written direction or requirement made by the Council, Senate, any of their Committees, or any authorised person of which notice has been given by:
(a) publication in the University Calendar whether online or in hard copy; or
(b) publication online in the University Policy Hub; or
(c) other means

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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