SDG 6 Waiwhakaora

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Undergraduate courses

Course code and title Subject
SUSTAIN 100/100G: Sustainability and Us Environment / General Education
GEOG 320: Resources and Environmental Management
GEOG 325: The Human Dimension of Disasters
GEOG 362: Environmental Hydrology
POPLHLTH 207: Community and Cultural Development
Population Health
SOCIOL 229: Environmental Sociology Sociology
SOCIOL 333: Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine Sociology

Postgraduate courses

Course code and title Subject
BIOSCI 730: Entomology and Biosecurity
Biological Science
CIVIL 782: Water Resources Engineering
Civil Engineering
ENVENG 701: Urban Stormwater Management
Environmental Engineering
ENVENG 740: Water and Wastewater Engineering
Environmental Engineering
ENVENG 746: Surface Water Quality Modelling
Environmental Engineering
ENVSCI 714: Environmental Pollution Environmental Science
ENVSCI 738: Water and Society
Environmental Science
FOODSCI 717: Food Processing and Sanitation
Food Science
GEOG 749: Climate and Society
SOCIOL 745: Special Topic: The Sociology of Science and Technology