600 more beds at University of Auckland

07 October 2015

The University of Auckland is to increase the number of beds available in its student accommodation by 600, or about 25 percent, over the next two years.

This investment in mostly apartment-style accommodation reflects a trend for more university students to seek rooms in a University residence rather than find a flat in a suburb beyond their first year.

“We are the only University which is committed to providing accommodation options for students beyond their first year,” says Micheal Rengers, the University’s General Manager Accommodation.  

“If you have university accommodation in your first year, you should be able to have university accommodation throughout the duration of your studies.”

A record 2780 students will be housed in a University of Auckland hall of residence by the start of Semester One 2016. By 2017 this number will increase to 3125.

The second stage of the Carlaw Park Student Village will open early 2016, adding 264 beds to the existing 434 in this new development.

The apartment-style village is purpose built for returning undergraduate and postgraduate students (not school leavers) with a combination of self-catering two, three and four bedroom options.

In 2017 the Symonds Street development will add an additional 343 beds in large studio apartments. An additional 800 catered beds are in the planning stage anticipated to come on stream in 2019.

“These developments reflect our commitment to providing a range of affordable and convenient accommodation options to ensure our students have the best possible experience of university,” Mr Rengers adds.

The cost of University non-catered accommodation compares favorably with average Auckland rents.  A standard single room at Carlaw Park Student Village is $252 per week including all amenities, within five minutes walking distance of campus. The rates vary depending on size of apartment.  

First year school leavers can expect to pay $351 weekly for fully catered accommodation in one of the University’s five catered halls of residence, very similar or lower than catered rates at other NZ universities.                                                                                             

The developments are part of a massive investment programme in University infrastructure, systems and buildings, totalling nearly 500 million dollars. In 2012, the University increased its accommodation by 60 percent with the opening of University Hall, a state-of-the-art complex for first year students.

In addition the University recently completed the Grafton Campus redevelopment, acquisition of the Newmarket campus, and the Maths/Physics building refurbishment. The $200 million Science Centre new development is on track for completion early 2016.


Danelle Clayton 
Communications Office
University of Auckland