Volunteer stories

Get inspired by reading about just some of the many alumni and friends who volunteer their time.

Breaking down barriers to more female and Pacific representation across academic and professional workplaces is alumna Lanu Faletau’s primary passion for volunteering.

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Arts alumna Heather helps international students adjust to a new life, language and culture.

Heather's story

University of Auckland alumna Sally O'Brien epitomises what it means to be a volunteer.

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Molly Freeman is on a mission to feed Auckland.

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Dan Walker explains why he believes volunteering is important for society as a whole.

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Being diagnosed with an uncommon form of aggressive breast cancer at 27 was the catalyst for Jess Weller to begin volunteering for a cause she believes in.

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Seeing smiles on the faces of children living with cancer makes everything worth it for Jennifer Jin Ma.

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Erna Takazawa will never forget the moment a patient cried tears of happiness in her arms.

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For alumnus Philip Hadfield, lending a hand to an international student keen to learn about New Zealand’s work culture was an easy decision.

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Jennie Oakley has never regretted putting her hand up when a volunteer is required.

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University of Auckland alumnus Geoffrey Hinds is dedicated to combatting climate change through volunteering.

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Alumni Gia Punjabi shares her story to encourage alumni to immerse themselves in causes they love.

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