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Find out more about carrying out field activities safely, with guidance documents, case studies and more.

Field activity is an essential part of teaching and research at the University of Auckland, enhancing academic development.

These activities are undertaken in a wide range of subjects, but they all involve work, study or research that takes place outside the controlled environment of University facilities.

The University therefore has a responsibility to ensure that health, safety and wellbeing and the University Code of Conduct are key considerations in the planning and operation of field activities, and that these activities are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

Fieldwork and off campus activities must be designed and conducted consistent with the University’s commitment to being safe, inclusive and equitable, including Creating Cultures of Consent and Respect, and Zero tolerance for discrimination or bullying or harassment. 

Field activity standard and guidance

Below is the University’s Field Activity Standard and a suite of general and topic-specific practical guidance. This topic protocol also includes:

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Specific guidance

Urban activities guidance is currently being reviewed.

Case study examples of completed field activity plans

The following links are to resources available to staff only.

Please forward any further examples that you would like to share to Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

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Other useful guidance

The following link is to a resource available to staff only.

More information

There is more information about the operation of boats, diving equipment, kayaks and aspects in water safety

There is also more information about the operation of motor vehicles and quad bikes and information about vehicle safety.

In late 2011, Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations came into force. This legislation sets out safety requirements that must be developed and implemented by adventure tourist operators. The regulations apply to commercial operators that undertake activities such as kayaking, caving, white water rafting, rock climbing etc.

Find out more about these regulations and how they may relate to the educational sector: Information for schools, education providers and clubs

The following agencies can assist with fieldwork planning:

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