Changes in circumstance

What to do if your circumstances change during the period of your insurance.

You are required to advise us of any changes in circumstances during the insurance period.

Examples of changes are:

  • You are no longer enrolled at the University.
  • You become a domestic student.
  • You insure with a different provider.
  • You are studying or conducting research overseas.

Changes in circumstance may affect your eligibility to make an insurance claim or request a refund of your Studentsafe Inbound University premium.

If any refund is owed to you, it will be calculated from when the refund application is received. Applications for refunds will not be accepted if received after your insurance policy has expired.

Research degree students

University of Auckland enrolment ends for PhD and research masters students when they submit their thesis. This may affect their insurance cover.

If you are a PhD or research masters student who is about to submit your thesis, contact your Student Adviser at the International Office to validate your insurance expiry dates.

To ensure you have continuous cover and that your insurance fees are amended correctly, PhD students are advised to contact your International Student Adviser for the following:

  • If you are planning on applying for suspension but have not been charged insurance fees (this is so we can ensure you have continuous insurance cover)
  • If you wish to continue being insured while on suspension, please inform your International Student Adviser within one month of applying for suspension.
  • If you wish to cancel your policy while on suspension, please inform your International Adviser within one month of applying for suspension to ensure we add correct insurance fees and update your insurance records.
  • We advise that you contact your International Student Adviser within one month of when you applied to discontinue your programme. This is to ensure that we amend your insurance records and fees within a timely manner.

Insurance fee charges will be calculated accordingly when your suspension/termination is processed subject to claims. Student are required to pay for insurance fees if we had not been advised of any changes on your enrolment.

Please note there are conditions around suspensions of more than six months. If you are on suspension for six months or more, you would be subject to new claims when you return or re-enrol to your programme. You must complete a Medical Risk Assessment form if your policy has lapsed.