Travelling overseas

Find out more about getting insurance cover for travel outside New Zealand during your studies.

The Studentsafe Inbound University insurance policy only has limited cover for travel outside New Zealand. We strongly advise that you purchase additional appropriate insurance to cover your travel plans. The Studentsafe Outbound policy is recommended when travelling overseas.

Outbound exchange

If you are enrolled and going on an exchange programme, you will still be charged the Studentsafe Inbound policy fees.

  • We recommend you don’t cancel your Studentsafe Inbound policy while away due to continuity implication. If you opt for the cancellation of your Studentsafe Inbound policy there won't be continuous cover on your policy when you return to study in New Zealand, i.e. any medical conditions that you may develop while you are not covered under Studentsafe Inbound would be deemed a pre-existing medical condition when your new policy starts.
  • You must also purchase the Studentsafe Outbound policy as a top up for your exchange programme and for the length of your trip.
  • Studentsafe Outbound is available to students going on exchange.
  • Be sure to check that you comply with your host university’s insurance requirements.
  • If you still want to cancel your Studentsafe Inbound while on exchange, then you must apply and submit an insurance waiver online within the specified application due dates.

Study-related travel

The University of Auckland provides travel insurance to students travelling internationally and returning to new Zealand to complete their studies. The travel must be funded by the University, a research grant or by a third party such as another university, research entity or conference organiser.

Travel guidelines for students travelling overseas will help you to determine whether you are eligible for the University's corporate insurance.

For more information on other insurance policy plans or to purchase additional policies, visit Insurancesafe NZ.

It is important to make sure that you have the right level of insurance cover to protect you in the event of unexpected loss or illness. Use the Insurancesafe NZ Policy Finder to narrow your policy search if your trip is not covered by Studentsafe Inbound policy or the University corporate policy.

Policy cancellation while overseas

Any decision to cancel your insurance policy while on exchange, PhD suspension or studying/researching overseas should be discussed with the International Student Support team at the International Office, before you depart New Zealand or within two weeks after insurance fees were added to your University customer account.

If you apply to cancel your policy while on leave/suspension/studying overseas or going on exchange, your policy will lapse and will therefore affect the continuity of your policy. You may be subject to a new medical assessment when you return or re-enrol to your programme.

This means that any medical conditions you have been receiving treatment for under your original policy, would be considered pre-existing medical conditions and may no longer be covered.

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