Making an insurance claim

Follow these simple steps to lodge a Studentsafe Inbound University insurance claim.

To lodge an insurance claim, you must have the following:

  • Correct University student ID number
  • Answer and complete all relevant questions to your claim
  • Your bank account details for payment of your claim
  • Provide all documentation to support your claim (medical reports, airline tickets, proof of ownership, receipts, etc). Please be aware that you can only upload files in the following formats: any Microsoft Word files (.DOC, .DOCX), PDF files, .JPEG and .PNG image files.

Note: We advise you not to authorise repairs or replace items until your claim has been approved by the insurance provider.

Fraud is a serious offence. If your claim is found to be fraudulent, your policy can be cancelled. A student’s enrolment cannot continue if their insurance cover is declined.


Pre-approval is an option student can use prior to seeing a specialist or counsellor to ensure their costs are covered under their insurance plan. Students should check with their specialist or counselling practice if a pre-approval is accepted before their appointment. If a pre-approval is accepted it means that the practice will usually bill the insurance directly and a student won't have to pay for the appointment.

How to submit a pre-approval claim:

  • Download and complete a claim form
  • Collect all relevant documents: Consultation quotes, confirmation of appointment (must be in written form), medical notes from the referring Doctor or Counsellor, invoice from specialist or counsellor (must be on letter head with contact and bank details)
  • Email your claim form and documents to with the subject line 'Pre-approval application and appointment date'
  • Pre-approval applications take 3-5 working days to process

Optical pre-approval

You have cover under Studentsafe Inbound policy if your optical prescription aids are lost, stolen or your vision changes while studying. Allianz Partners have an arrangement with two providers, Specsavers and Campuspecs for Optical pre-approval applications. Find more information on the InsurancesafeNZ website.


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