Pre-existing medical conditions

You are not covered for pre-existing medical conditions. However, in certain circumstances cover may be considered.

If you have a pre-existing condition or have had a medical procedure in the past, we recommend you submit a medical risk assessment form (see below) before you travel or start your programme

This is any medical or physical condition or circumstances:

  • which you were aware of, or ought to have been aware of
  • for which advice, care, treatment, medication or medical attention had been sought, given or recommended
  • which have been diagnosed as a medical condition, or a sickness or which are indicative of a sickness
  • which are of such a nature to require, or which potentially may require medical attention
  • which are of such a nature as would have caused a prudent, reasonable person to seek medical attention prior to the start of cover under this policy
  • procedure or surgery in the past even if you are no longer affected by this condition

If you decide not to study for a period of time or have a break from studying, your Studentsafe Inbound policy will lapse and you may be subject to new claims when you return to study.

To ensure no change of health condition while having a break from study or gap in your policy you must complete a medical risk assessment form and email it to the insurance company when you return to study:

Note: If you change from one type of policy to another (e.g., from Studentsafe to Explorersafe or vice versa) and your health changed during the period of the former policy, you need to check with Allianz whether you will remain covered when changing to the new policy.