Support for students from refugee backgrounds

Nau mai haere mai—welcome

We are thrilled that you are considering or have chosen the University of Auckland. There are more than 700 students from refugee backgrounds currently enrolled here and even more who have successfully completed their studies here.

Congratulations on all your hard work and achievements so far. As Students from Refugee Backgrounds (SRBs), you bring something unique to the life of the University. We want you to continue to be successful in your studies here as well as enjoy yourself along the way.

Since 2012, the Equity Office has worked with SRBs to provide appropriate support during their studies. The addition of SRBs as an equity group was part of a wider commitment to support all who have the potential to succeed at the University of Auckland.

Below are some of the ways that the Equity Office and University can support you and other SRBs. If you have any questions or concerns during your time here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

How the Equity Office and the University supports SRBs

Admissions support

The Equity Office collaborates with external organisations to help students through the application process. These supports include:

RASNZ (Refugees as Survivors New Zealand)support for women students who wish to apply to the University of Auckland

The Equity Office supports a case-by-case approach to student enrolment and works with the Admissions Office to achieve this.

Undergraduate Targeted Admission Schemes (UTAS)

For applicants from some equity groups.
Find out more

Tertiary Foundation Certificate Programme

If you didn't get the grades for University Entrance,  or want to return to study, completing this programme will allow you to apply to the University of Auckland. Find out more 

New Start

The New Start programme is the University of Auckland's only part-time academic preparation course. It is aimed at those aged 20 and over. Find out more.

Faculty contacts for SRBs

If you are a student from a refugee background and would like to discuss how the University can support you with your faculty, please get in touch with the relevant faculty contacts below:
Arts: Chip Matthews 
Business and Economics: Olivia Flack 
Creative Arts and Industries Chris Rollins, Tera Hanson
• Education and Social Work Nicoletta Rata-Skudder, Jennifer Bedford
Engineering: Alcione Fagundes
Law: Anna Hood
Medical and Health Science: Daniel Heke
Science: Erica Farrelly 

Support available during your time at University


University Community

SRB club - a student led group supported by the Equity Office. Say hello.

SRB Campus visits - where high school students are spend the day learning about the University and student life. Learn more.

University Decision-making

SRB Advisory Board – with student representation. This group meets quarterly. At this meeting, staff from the Equity Office provide updates to, and seek advice from, students from refugee backgrounds, researchers in the area, Faculty Equity Representatives and staff from Refugees as Survivors.

Staff Training

Staff have received training from the Equity Office in collaboration with ARCC (Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition).

External organisations

Useful links:

The University of Auckland’s Equity Policy includes students and staff from refugee backgrounds as an equity group.