How we can help

If you have a temporary or permanent disability or condition that affects your ability to sit exams or written tests under the prescribed conditions, you may apply to sit under special conditions which take account of the particular impairment. For example, someone who has injured a writing hand or arm may receive extra time for typing on a computer.

When should I apply?

Applications for the approval of ongoing special conditions for a permanent impairment must be made no later than the end of the sixth week following the commencement of lectures. Applications for temporary conditions must be made as soon as possible.

Assessment Services requires ten working days to implement special conditions for any temporary impairment. Whilst we make every effort to ensure this is in place for your exam, if we are unable to do so because of time constraints you are able to apply for an aegrotat.

If your exam falls within these ten days, you are able to apply for an aegrotat. For more information please see Aegrotat or Compassionate Consideration.

What are special conditions?

The University of Auckland is committed to supporting the participation of students with disability, health or learning related impairments.  One of the ways the University does this is by providing special conditions for test and exams. Some examples of special conditions include:

  • Extra time for rest breaks
  • Additional writing time
  • Access to a reader (someone to read for you) and/or writer (someone to write for you)
  • An examination room with fewer or no other students present if a test or exam is taking place on campus.

If you are a domestic student facing exceptional circumstances outside your control, please contact the Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care team, who can work out a support plan with you looking at academic and other needs.