Sitting exams with special conditions

Whether your exams are held on campus or online, Assessment Services will organise your approved special conditions automatically, you do not have to do anything.

If your special conditions include extra time, this will be automatically added to the time of your exam. You will start the exam at the same time as the other students. If you are sitting an exam online on Inspera, you will see your extra time included in the countdown clock at the top left hand side of the screen.

If your approved special conditions include an amanuensis (writer) or reader, Assessment Services will be in touch approximately 4-6 weeks prior to exams to discuss your requirements for that semester. 

How does a reader/writer work with online exams?

Assessment Services will organise an experienced supervisor to write/read for you on the day of your exam. If we are unable to come onto campus to complete the exams, we accomplish this by zoom and google docs. Assessment Services will be in touch with you to arrange this and give further instructions.

Inspera exams

The files below contain detailed information about sitting your exam under special conditions.