Got your period?

We've got you!

Come and collect a FREE menstrual cup or reusable pad from the Student Hubs team. You do not need to pre-order this product, simply turn up during their  opening hours.

If you prefer discretion, simply tell the team you are there for your 'monthly meeting'. 

Student Hubs are located at: City Campus, Grafton Campus, Epsom Campus, Te Papa Ako o Tai Tonga and Te Papa Ako o Tai Tokerau.

If you are unable to collect please email to work out an alternative option. These requests are handled on a case by case basis.

Other locations for FREE menstrual products on campus:

Faculty / Service Division Location(s) Products
AUSA AUSA House Reception, Womenspace and Queerspace Pads and tampons

Business School

Brought to you
by the Student
Development &
Engagement Team

Level 0 female bathroom: 260-011
Level 0 female bathroom: 260-061A
Level 0 disabilities bathroom: 260-021
Level 0 disabilities bathroom: 260-061
Level 1 main reception and female bathroom (260-114)
Level 1 disabilities bathroom: 260-112
Outside former Business Student Centre: 260-130
Level 4 landing: outside 260-437
Level 5 landing: outside 260-537
Level 6 landing: outside 260-637

Pads and tampons
Faculty of Arts Building 212 (Belgrave) in the basement bathrooms Pads and tampons
Health and counselling service
Located at University health and Counselling Services reception  Pads and tampons
Science Faculty Various bathrooms in 301, 302, 303, and all bathrooms in Biology

of reusable and disposable products

Period Product FAQs

Menstrual cup:

Looking for a place to empty and clean your cup discreetly on campus? Check out this list of bathrooms with a private sink.

Instructions on how to use a menstrual cup and how to clean it can be found here

Reusable pad:

Which way does the reusable pad go? Tag side towards undergarment, while the dark grey section faces up. Use clip fasters to connect the wings and you are set for the next 4-6 hours! Instructions on how to clean them can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding these free products, please contact the team on