What we need to do and why this is important

Develop a University-wide communications campaign

Primarily targeting a student audience, but of relevance to staff, on respectful and healthy relationships. 

We need positive promotions within the University environment which promote
respectful and healthy relationships, and challenge social norms. 

Status: in progress

Review the University website and knowledge base

To make sure information about HSB is well organised, user-friendly and consistent language is used, with links to relevant information, including Family Violence information and resources.

Currently information about HSB is spread all over the website, maintained by numerous different organisational areas, and under the general BHD area. Content needs to be joined up and coordinated to provide one source of truth. 

Status: no update

Deliver an annual or biennial lecture series

New research is being conducted into harmful sexual behaviours by academics within the University, and a more prominent platform needs to be provided to surface this research. This will be of benefit to the University in the ongoing development of this action plan, but also to the wider community.

Status: complete

Promote 24/7 services for HSB and Family Violence

Available external to the University to both student and staff audiences.

With the exception of Accommodation and Security, the University does not provide 24/7 services. Awareness of external services is important for both getting support when University services are not available, and for those that don’t wish to access University services.

Status: complete

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