Educating the educators

What we need to do and why this is important

Ensure HSB components included in education

Ensure that existing teaching programmes offered through the Faculty of Education & Social Work contain relevant, and compulsory, components on preventing and responding to HSB in all levels of education.

Early Childhood Education Centres and Schools are in a unique position in teaching students in age appropriate ways about sexual health and relationships. As a University with a range of Education programmes, we have an opportunity to ensure that prevention of HSB is woven into teacher capabilities of our future teachers.

Status: no update

Ensure confidence to provide content warnings

Ensure lecturers and other academic staff are confident and able to provide content warnings to students when lectures contain potentially disturbing topics.

To ensure that students have easily accessible content warning information about potentially disturbing and distressing content and to ensure students are offered appropriate supports should they become distressed.

Status: complete

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