Education and training

What we need to do and why this is important

Develop 'Creating Cultures of Consent and Respect' online training module.

This will be available to all students and staff at the University. The module will cover terminology, behaviours and attitudes, consent, and respectful relationships, as well as the policy environment at University of Auckland and where to go for more information or help. 

It is important to get information to students as soon as possible in their university journey and an online module is a vital tool for getting information to students in a sustainable and scalable way. Staff also need to be equipped with the same information and knowledge to respond and support students who report harmful sexual behaviour.

Status: in progress

Develop and deliver face to face training

Develop and deliver face to face training for student leaders and staff as a follow-on from the online education, covering responding to disclosures, support options and processes, and looking after their own wellbeing. 

Students tell us they are most likely to go to other students to disclose first. We need to ensure that our student leaders are adequately trained to respond to these disclosures and provide the right advice about support available. Staff also need to know how to respond appropriately and provide support should a disclosure be made to them or they encounter a student seeking assistance. 

Status: completed

Annual training for all health, counselling, mental health and disability services, and HR advisory staff

To ensure they are aware of current policies, support options, reporting processes and have up to date trauma informed training, including culturally appropriate responses and recognition of priority groups.

Our health professionals are highly trained and skilled, and we also will ensure they know about the relevant University policies and practices so that they are offering a consistent and culturally competent service.

Status: no update

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