Family insurance

The family policy must start at the same time as the student's policy commences.

You can add immediate family member(s) such as your child, children or spouse to your Studentsafe Inbound University policy. The appropriate additional insurance fees will be added to your tuition account when the application has been processed. The updated insurance fees will appear on your tuition fees statement which you must pay.

Family application submissions must be within these timeframes:

  • Semester/Quarter: Within two weeks of the start of the semester or quarter term.
  • Doctoral: The 2nd Friday of the month, after your enrolment/ re-enrolment start.

Note: Family policies are not renewed automatically. You must apply for family policy renewal on or before the policy expiry date.

You can purchase a policy from Insurancesafe NZ to insure your family if you miss the application submission deadline date or if you wish to insure non-immediate family members (e.g. grandparents).

Family insurance costs

Family insurance fees are due on the same date as the tuition fees.
You can find out more about how much insurance costs under Studentsafe University policy

Family insurance application

  1. Complete the Studentsafe Family member application form
  2. Click on the 'Apply here' button below to upload and submit your application.