Study spaces and training rooms

We have a range of study spaces available in the Kate Edger Information Commons, the General Library and many other spots around our campuses.

Student studying at computer

Our study spaces are designed for you, and there are lots of spaces around the University where students from all faculties can study. Whether you need space for individual silent study, group work, project work, or if you need to work on a computer. 

Kate Edger Information Commons

The Kate Edger Information Commons has four study spaces that are available to all students and offer a variety of resources. Computers throughout the building are available on a first-come-first-served basis. They can also be booked using Book PC.

Level 0: This space is divided into two areas. In the first, large study tables are available for group study or project work. In the second, computers are available for 180-minute sessions. This space is open 24/7 during Semester One and Two. 

Level 2: This space is equipped with computers for individual study which can be used for 180-minutes at a time. The Student IT Hub is right next door, alongside other facilities such as the student kitchen.

Level 3: Individual study desks with computers are available on this level. This is a quiet study space.

Level 4: Individual study desks with power outlets for personal devices are available here for silent study.

General Library

The General Library offers lots of study spaces across its eight floors. It is the largest University library and is home to our Student Hub

Level G has group study space with computers available. Levels 1 and M have lots of areas for group study, including group meeting rooms. Individual tables for silent study are also available on Levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Workshop and training rooms

There are also workshop and computer training rooms in the Kate Edger Information Commons.

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