Student support

Support services are available to help you succeed academically and personally. Find out how to access these services or talk to our dedicated teaching and support staff.

A supportive learning environment

Your success in your chosen programme of study is important to us. We also want to make sure your study journey is an enjoyable one.

At Tai Tokerau Campus we offer a range of support services and facilities to help you succeed. All students have access to academic support and specialist services.

The Tai Tokerau Campus also has the following facilities:

  • Student common room
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) suite
  • A branch of the faculty’s Sylvia Ashton-Warner library − one of the most extensive teacher education libraries in New Zealand.

The small and friendly campus atmosphere at Tai Tokerau means you can have close connections with lecturers and staff as well as fellow students. You’ll find it easy to approach people for the support you need.

To find out more about the Faculty’s student support and services, visit Student support services.

First Year Experience Programme

In your first year you will be assigned a student mentor through the First Year Experience Programme (FYE). Your mentor can support you as you make the transition to university study and student life.

The first year of university study can be challenging as you attempt to balance the demands of study, work, family and friends. Having a mentor has been proven to help transition successfully into the University environment.

Download the latest Teaching in Tai Tokerau brochure.

Career Development and Employment Services

The University’s Career Development and Employment Services (CDES) are available to you while you are a student and after you graduate.

Services include:

  • Website and online resources
  • Workshops
  • Events and presentations
  • Personalised services

Meet the team

Meet the academic and professional staff who work on our Tai Tokerau Campus and who will help you through your studies.