Class full

How to avoid courses where classes are full

If the course stream you want is not available, you should:

  • See whether there is a different stream, course, or combination of courses, you could take this semester,
  • See if the course is offered in another semester during the year instead.


You can use the Timetable Planner in Student Services Online (SSO) to help find open courses. You can learn how here at Enrolling using Timetable Planner.


Remember that your core/major courses should take priority over your elective or General Education courses. You can find out what courses are required by following the instructions here, at How to view your programme requirements.


If you are a Māori or Pacific student looking to enrol in a course that appears to be full, there may still be space available in a Tuākana stream. For more information, please see our Tuākana page.

Applying for an enrolment concession

You can apply for concession if you’re in your final semester of enrolment and the course is required to complete your programme. Please specify the reason you're applying in the concession request open text box.

To ensure students can enrol in the courses needed to complete their degree, preference will be given to students who require the course to complete their programme:

  • If the course is not required for your major or specialisation, or is a General Education course, the request may be declined if other elective options are available
  • If there are other streams available for the course, you’ll need to select another time
  • If the course is for a specific cohort of students (please read class notes), the concession will be declined

If the class (or stream) you have applied for is full, you may be waitlisted if a waitlist is available for the particular course. For more information about, please see Course waitlist.

For more help

For more information see How to apply for an enrolment concession.

If you require further assistance, you can: