Finding a research host

The 'host researcher'

The next step is for you and your supervisor to find an academic to host your visit to the University of Auckland. We call this person your 'host researcher', 'research host' or 'host supervisor'.

A host researcher is not the same as a thesis supervisor. Your host researcher discusses arrangements for your visit to the University, provides you with a supporting letter for your visa and oversees your work while you are here. They do not normally have any thesis supervision responsibilities, unless this has been formally agreed with your home institution. Supervision of your thesis remains the responsibility of your named supervisors.

Finding a host researcher

To identify a suitable academic to host your visit you can:

Making a research visit proposal

Once you have identified someone who might be suitable, it's time to send a proposal. This initial contact is usually done by email and must come from your supervisor at your home university. Research visit proposals that come from students are unlikely to be successful.

It is a good idea for your supervisor to include a copy of your CV, a description of your project and the reasons for your visit when they make the proposal.

If the researcher agrees to host you, you can request a supporting letter for your visa application. If the researcher is unable to offer supervision, they may be able to recommend a suitable alternative.

Other things to consider

It is a good idea to stay in touch with your host researcher throughout the process and talk about dates early on. Check for University closures, public holidays and other important dates.

Don’t forget to keep your own institution informed of your plans. It is vital to do this to ensure that you stay within the regulations of your programme and, if you are an international student at your home university, the conditions of your visa.

What next?

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