When you arrive

Visit your host department

Your host department will be your main point of contact for any administrative issues you have during your time here. You should address any questions, requests or concerns to your research host or the academic unit you will be based in during your stay. When you arrive, your host department will take you through a health and safety induction, and get you up and running by sorting out access to:

  • IT access for computer, web and wireless service
  • Visitor access to the Library
  • Departmental facilities (building access, workstation etc)
  • Departmental groups/social activities you can get involved in

You can speak to your host department about any requirements you have or issues that arise during your time at the University of Auckland.

Open a bank account

A bank account will be extremely useful for your day-to-day living while you’re here. Find out what you need to do to open a bank account in New Zealand here: Living and studying in Auckland

Get involved in campus life

You’ll be working hard on your research, but try to take advantage of being in a new country and at a new institution. Broaden your academic networks and make new friends by coming along to a doctoral event, attending a departmental seminar or getting involved in campus activities. Find out what’s going on by asking your host researcher and peers, or check out the links below:

Check out our Doctoral opportunities.
Find out what’s happening on campus: What’s On
Find out about our recreation facilities: Sport and recreation

What next?

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