Anna Schumeyer

Anna is studying Linguistics at the University of Delaware, and came to the University of Auckland for her first semester as a World Scholar.

Anna Schumeyer

“It is daunting to not only be starting college, but to do it in a foreign country. However, I also feel blessed to have this opportunity, and every day I am glad that I took a chance and came to the University of Auckland.”

I wanted to have a unique experience that would challenge me and make me grow more as a person. I knew that it would be difficult at times, but I also knew I would learn how to be more independent and gain invaluable life experiences and skills, such as better time management and critical problem solving.

“I love travelling and have always wanted to do a study abroad programme, especially in New Zealand. My favourite course that I am taking in Auckland is Korean language. I studied some back in the States and intend to continue learning it, but Korean is not offered at my home university. I am very excited that I’m able to study it while I’m here and want to make the most of the opportunity.

“I am greatly enjoying my time in Auckland and have had amazing experiences while here. The city is very diverse and has many places to discover, and the people are friendly and helpful. I went to an All Blacks rugby game which I immensely enjoyed, and I participated in the Sky Tower jump with some friends I met from a university club, which is probably my favourite thing I've done so far.

“I joined SASS (Study Abroad Student Society) and went to Hobbiton with them, and also joined the University of Auckland Christian Club and regularly go to their meetings and spend time with the members.

“I am still not sure where my career will lead me, however I am interested in teaching English in a foreign country, possibly Korea. I enjoy learning new languages and by studying both linguistics and a foreign language I will be better equipped to help others learn.”