Study Abroad student stories

Elsa, a junior at Dartmouth College in the US, explored indigenous language revitalisation during summer school at the University of Auckland.

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Amit Perlin

Amit, a pre-med student from Tulane University in New Orleans, learned how to do an authentic Māori haka.

Amit's story

Juan, originally from Hawai’i, came from Dartmouth College in the US to discover more about Māori and Polynesian culture.

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Learn how Weilian used her Study Abroad experience at the University of Auckland as a springboard to a masters degree.

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Kristen is taking her first semester of college at the University of Auckland as part of the World Scholars Program.

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Bridget came from Michigan to research and immerse herself in Māori culture and history.

Bridget's story

Harry studies Marine Biology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Studying abroad will help him generate a worldwide network of job opportunities.

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Ashley, from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, won a fully-funded Diversity Abroad scholarship to study at the University of Auckland.

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Erik Patak

Study Abroad Film Festival 2018 finalist

Erik came to the University of Auckland as a study abroad student with IES Abroad. Watch the amazing video he made about his time in New Zealand.