Weilian Du

Weilian came to the University of Auckland as a Study Abroad student from Ningbo University, China. She is now pursuing a Master of Commerce with a Study Abroad Alumni Award.

Weilian Du


“There are many things that influenced me to continue studying at the University of Auckland, such as the high quality of teaching and cultural diversity. At the University, students are from a variety of countries and cultures. The differing opinions during discussions inspire me to think critically and from other perspectives.”

My most memorable event was receiving the ‘first in class’ award at the ISOM Awards Evening 2018, hosted by the University of Auckland business school. It was a proud moment that pushed me to aim for even higher goals.


“The courses offered at the University of Auckland have a good balance between practice and research. Not only am I able to enhance my research skills, but I can also apply that knowledge to practical work.

“I’m enrolled in three courses this semester, including papers on data mining and big data. These are project-based and research-oriented courses where I can use different tools for data analytics. By applying the knowledge gained through the design and implementation of a prototype, I can develop my skills in turning data into insights that deliver value to an organisation.”


“I have really enjoyed my international study abroad experience, and it has significantly influenced my career aspirations. I look forward to working with a multinational organisation because I like to expose myself to a wide range of ideas. Working with diverse people boosts my creativity, which increases my value to employers.

“Auckland is the best city, combining the excitement of city life and spectacular natural beauty. It only takes ten minutes to walk from the city centre to the harbour, where you can enjoy the magnificent sea and volcanoes. There are countless authentic world-class food options, because Auckland is a multicultural city with more than 200 ethnic communities. It is the best place for a foodie like me!”