CDES Student Stories

Steve looks forward to representing the University at the next APEC Forum in Taiwan and shares his career journey so far.

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Luisa shares her experience with CDES and how that's helped her land a summer internship with a construction company.

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Prime Minister's Scholarship recipient John Liang shares his experience as an intern and passion for sustainability.

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Weilian shares the skills she gained from the CDES Workplace Insights Programme.

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University of Auckland alumni Tharaka Munidasa talks about setting up the Glenn Family Foundation HELPS Programme in Sri Lanka.

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Nischay shares how CDES' Workplace Insights Programme provided valuable career tools to adapt to the NZ working environment.

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Sarah shares her experience about externships and highlights the value of building relationships.

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Ayiya shares his journey that lead him to his first job in NZ, and how CDES helped him along the way.

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Lucy Nie attended the CDES Internship Career Expo last year and made connections to help her secure a job with asBUILT.

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Thomas sought help from CDES which enabled him navigate the graduate recruitment process and succeed in securing a graduate position at Engin Systems.

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Ben Fulton sought support from CDES throughout his studies which helped him develop the skills required to find a role at a top consulting firm.

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Jess met with a CDES Career Development Consultant who helped her find a job that she loves.

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Jared shares his amazing experience on a two-month internship in Shenzhen, China, and his new role as the CEO of Unleash Space.

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Natalia talks about how CDES helped her translate her studies and work experience into a New Zealand context.

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Scott talks about how CDES helped support him find an exciting internship in Vietnam and a graduate role at ANZ.

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