Katie Andrews

Katie went to Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico as part of her degree.

Katie Andrews
Katie is studying towards a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing, International Business and Spanish at the University of Auckland.

“I have always wanted to live overseas and I knew combining tertiary education from different countries would be beneficial to my degree. The funding options through the University made this a lot easier to do.

“Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of the best universities in Latin America, so my degree as a whole will be recognised even further throughout the world and show that I understand more than one system of education."

Experiencing another culture as a local was incredible. Studying in Mexico has broadened my world in ways I never thought possible and opened up so many opportunities for me.

“Being educated from a different perspective and through a completely different system was eye opening and will be very useful for the future. For me, the biggest thing I achieved as a result of studying and living in Mexico was becoming fluent in Spanish. Mexico City was so crazy and there was always something happening so I was never bored. At every hour of the day or night I could find delicious food on the street! I never knew how much I could grow to love another culture and country and come to consider it my second home.

“There was a lot of support for exchange students. We had staff looking out for us as well as fellow students that were always there to help. They helped us with everything we needed and were always there to hang out or chat normally.

“My experience has given me a clearer idea of what I want to do in future and the opportunities and resources that are available to me. Networking with other students and academics has given me an advantage towards completing my goals, and I 100% recommend undertaking an overseas study component.

“I hope more students will choose Mexico as their exchange destination. Mexico is a beautiful country with so much culture and opportunities on offer. The University of Auckland’s partner there is very prestigious and offers a great education experience. Given the chance, I would do another exchange in a heartbeat!”