Doctoral study in Bioengineering

Why study with us?

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is a world-renowned research institute with an emphasis on translating research into real solutions. It provides a vibrant and supportive environment for innovation in medical device technologies; we strongly encourage our PhD students to be involved in entrepreneurial activities (see our spin-outs).

At ABI, you have the unique opportunity to be involved in our Doctoral Training Programme. This is the only one of its kind in New Zealand, and offers modules to equip you with key technical and professional skills required for your degree. It also provides exposure to commercial and clinical environments for your future career.

You will have access to world-class research facilities and resources, and the chance to work with internationally recognised researchers. Studying at ABI also offers the exciting opportunity to experience working in the industry via internships; this could be your stepping stone to pursuing a career in industry.

Research opportunities

ABI is developing engineering approaches to facilitate better understanding of biological functions and provide the basis for new approaches to medical diagnosis and therapy.

Key areas of research undertaken at the ABI include:

  • Digital models for personalised healthcare
  • Medical device technology (diagnostic and assistive devices)
  • Human modelling applications in entertainment, communications and transport
  • Contributions to New Zealand’s primary industries

Augmented reality (part of the Entrepreneurial Universities Scheme, which  intends to grow the university’s role in innovation and leadership: Entrepreneurial Universities Scheme)

See a full list of research areas

Our people

Our researchers drive the culture of discovery and innovation at ABI. They come from a variety of disciplines with the common vision of pushing the frontiers of knowledge and medicine through engineering sciences and technical innovation. Some have won accolades for the pioneering work they have conducted in their fields; some are involved in commercialisation and many have international collaborations.

Learn more about our researchers and find a potential supervisor whose work aligns with your interests.

Past research topics

Scholarships and awards

In addition to the scholarships below, many of our researchers have grant funding that includes a PhD stipend. See projects with this funding.

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships

China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarships

Contact us

For general student enquiries and to contact a postgraduate advisor, please email