Undergraduate study in Chinese

What you can study in Chinese

In Chinese language courses you will learn conversational Chinese and develop reading ability. You will learn modern standard Chinese (Mandarin), with opportunities to study the classical written language (Wenyan) at Stage III. While a major emphasis is on learning to read and write Chinese, you will acquire a solid grounding in communicative language. You will also learn basic translation skills.

Your language learning will be embedded in rich cultural contexts. To complement your Chinese language courses, you can study Chinese culture, literature, film, philosophy, history and society. These courses are taught in English.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the links between the University of Auckland and universities in Chinese-speaking locations. We also offer study tours to Yunnan University.

Structuring your major in Chinese

You can take a major in Chinese as one of your two BA majors (a double major). You will need to pass at least 120 points (eight courses) towards each of your majors, including at least 45 points (three courses) at Stage III.

If you first enrolled in a BA prior to 2018

  • For a single major you must pass at least 135 points, including at least 60 points above Stage II.
  • For a double major you must pass at least 120 points in each of two majors, including at least 45 points above Stage II in each major.
  • For a BA minor you must pass at least 90 points, including at least 60 points above Stage I.

Taking a Module in Chinese

If you would like to study Chinese alongside your two BA majors, you can complete a Module.

A Module is an optional grouping of three courses on a particular theme which enables you to add extra value to your Bachelor of Arts.

Take a look at Modules.


Explore the undergraduate courses you can take as part of a major in Chinese. You would normally take Stage I courses in your first year, Stage II in your second and Stage III in your third.

Required courses

You must pass the following courses as part of the Chinese major:

  • ASIAN 100, CHINESE 130 and CHINESE 301
  • Two courses from ASIAN 200, CHINESE 203, HISTORY 213, MEDIA 201, 205, POLITICS 211, POLITICS 254
  • One course from ASIAN 303, 304, CHINESE 303, MEDIA 301, HISTORY 313, 335

Enrolling in Chinese language courses for the first time

If you have no or limited knowledge of Chinese, please enrol in CHINESE 100 or CHINESE 100G. 

You will need to complete a Language Proficiency Declaration to ensure you are enrolling in the right course for your level. This will be provided to you through Student Services Online after you have enrolled.

Read more about first time language course enrolment.

Scholarships and awards

Help and advice

For help with planning your degree and enrolling in your courses, please contact the Arts Students' Centre.

If you would like to find out more about studying Chinese, you can contact our Undergraduate Adviser.