Undergraduate study in Communication and Technology

*We’re planning to launch the Bachelor of Communication in 2022, however the programme is currently going through regulatory approval and details may change.

What you can study in Communication and Technology

You will examine methods of communication within a digital and largely visual environment, exploring different platforms and developing communication skills across a variety of digital media, from podcasts to gifs. 

You will also consider the future of digital communication technology, exploring equitable, just and accessible design as well as Indigenous perspectives on technology and data.

Structuring your major in Communication and Technology

Communication and Technology is a major in the Bachelor of Communication.*

You will complete core courses in Communication and Technology and in Communication more broadly. You will also complete one module, two General Education courses, and one Elective course.


Stage I courses

  • COMMS 100 Communication, Technology and Culture
  • COMMS 101 Understanding Communication in Māori and Pacific Worlds
  • COMMS 103 Digital Communication and Practice
  • PHIL 104 Ethics and Justice

Stage II courses

  • COMMS 210 Practicing Communication in Māori and Pacific Worlds
  • COMMS 208 Technology Ethics
  • COMMS 227 Communication Research Methods

Stage III courses

  • COMMS 316 Decolonising Technology and Data 

The full course selection for the Bachelor of Communication will be available by early October 2021, pending final approval. 

Scholarships and awards

Help and advice

For help with planning your degree and enrolling in your courses, please contact the Arts Students' Centre.

If you would like to find out more about studying Communication, you can contact our Undergraduate Adviser.